Monday, May 5, 2008

New Law Passed for EMS and Townships

The Govenor recently signed Act 7 of 2008. This law requires townships to work with local fire and emergency medical services to determine appropriate levels of funding and assistance. The new act will require the township board of supervisors to consult with volunteer fire and ems providers on the township's needs to determine appropriate levels of financial and administrative assistance for these services. Both fire and ems providers will be required to give the township an annual itemized list of all expenditures of township funds before the board of supervisors may consider budgeting additional funding for the organizations.

There is no minimum level of financial assistance required by Act7. Also, the act does not give emergency service providers the right to demand a specific amount or to withhold services. The purpose of the law is to encourage dialogue and cooperation between townships and emergency service providers to ensure that the municipality's public safety needs are met.

A copy of the act is available at under the heading "Law Information."

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