Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cemetary Woes for Township

I found some archane provisions in the Second Class Township Code dealing with cemetaries. The Code directs that if a cemetary or burial ground is abandoned or is being neglected the township board of supervisors may give notice to the owner to clean up the weeds, debris, etc and after thirty days, the township may do the work at township expense. The statute goes on to state that the cemetary shall remain open to the public under the regulation and control of the board of supervisors.

Unfortunately, there is no other provisions for guidance to a township faced with an abandonded cemetary. One of my municipal clients has a defunct cemetary association. The supervisors are reluctant to sell any burial plots or otherwise be involved with the cemetary for fear of liability concerns. They are mowing, weeding and providing that sort of upkeep. They have asked me to give them input on how to hadle this problem.

I will update this post with my progress.

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Dee A. Reeves said...

You may find it assnine, but those buried in the old defunt cemeteries deserve WAY more respect that a township trying to sell lots.

Most of the people who have been buried in them in the last 200 years. Most are our forfather and earlies settlers here.

It is time townships QUIT worrying about MAKING MONEY and start worry about WHERE TO SAVE IT"

Starting with their own pay most at a quick quess receive 150.00 a meeting,"How many meetings do each supervisor attend a month? Most are also employed as "Other jobs in the township that really add up" Most jobs in the township if not held by a supervisior are held by a family member"

Most Supervisors receive insurance on a part time job usually between $700-$900 per month. (you could employ part time help with what this adds up too! I could find alot of stupid NOT needed spending in any given township in Bradford County" as well as others can.

I believe it's time the township supervisors remember their job they were elected for

"Its a part time ask any (school board occupation auditor? are the part time or full time? So why insure them as they are FULL TIME and then try to make belive us that monies to care for the cemeteries that are old, abadoned and defunct cost to much and the township should not maintain them unless they can sell lots. If you have a cemetery 200 years old, How do you know you have all the records? and you wouldn't be selling it twice.

I was always under the impression Township reprentives were to care and oversee the township, NOT IN THE BUSINESS to try and MAKE MONEY.

This day in Where money is tighter I think the townships of Bradford County all take a look and see what is priority and what is bull shit!